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3D Printing & Scanning

A One Stop 3D Workshop

Our high resolution topology scanners are great for documenting and reproducing sculptures and equipment.  We have both a large format scanner for outdoor sculptures and objects up to 10 feet tall, and a tabletop .2 mm resolution structured light scanner for fine sculptures and prototypes.  We also have an IR scanner for experimental low resolution color scans.  We output STL, OBJ, 3DS, PLY, DXF, and other formats.
3D scanning:  150.00 per hour
Don’t have a 3D file or the time to make one?
We can help.
Bring us drawings, measurements, or just an idea and we can make a custom 3D file ready to use for printing or graphic purposes.
3D design:  100.00 per hour
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We offer in-house ABS plastic 3D printing using our Makerbot Replicator 2X, as well as a variety of other materials through our partner shops, including:
High-resolution Resin
High resolution Acrylic
translucent plastic
stainless steel
silver, bronze, gold
In-house printing:  20.00 per hour
Other materials:  Quotes upon request